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"I just wanted to say thank you because I truly believe that none of my college education would have been possible if it wasn't for you and all the support given to me throughout the past 5 years. I also want to thank you for bringing wonderful scholars into my life. The group you chose are some of the most good hearted and genuine people I've ever met. I'm so proud to be a CIRIO scholar!"

- Daniela R.

"Cirio is like a family away from home. They are there when you need that friend to talk to or just as a support system. With the help of Cirio Foundation, it was possible to pursue my college career and beyond to obtain a master’s degree"

- Dane Maitland

"The Cirio's staff has been there for me in my darkest hours. Their help will never be forgotten."

- Robert G.

 "Cirio is like a dream come true. I come from a blue-collar and poor home. I wouldn’t be able to get to school without Cirio. The only way I can reach my goals and make my dream come true is by Cirio. I don’t see myself being in a school without Cirio’s help"

- Kashfia

"Cirio makes the rigors of college life easier to tackle with their care and genuine love for their scholars. Cirio enabled me to improve my socioeconomic class through education and career planning."

- Kofi Asare

"When I think of Cirio's staff, I view them as my second parents. I’ve been a part of Cirio for seven years and have grown with them. Cirio has been the motivation for my success and the continuation of my future."

- Kim Evans

"Cirio is an open door for people who get approved. It is the gift. Cirio is a strong hand you can reach to help you out to accomplish your goals. I appreciate it, with all my hart for the rest of my life."

- Michelle Rosado

"Cirio is a foundation to help build ourselves as college students, and as individuals. The assistance given is one that will benefit you for a lifetime."

- Gregory Adegbola


"Wang Yangming an 18th Century Confucius scholar said, "The only true knowledge is knowledge which is engaged and aware of its consequences in action." The Cirio foundation has enabled individuals like me and others to gain knowledge which we are applying today to solve real world problems and issues in the complex world that we live in."

- Earl Carr (Shanghai)


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